In this season there are some who have been in a relationship problem,going through hell with their children,financial depression and even health problems!GET READY,BECAUSE YOU ARE ABOUT TO BIRTH YOUR MIRACLES.GOD has showed me that we all(people on earth)have access to Him(We are all prophets,ministers,teachers,etc...)but,we lack the knowledge(Hsa;4:6 My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge)So what is happening is we get these(attacks) in our lives where we feel mistreated,used,and abused,when actually the Bible says"If there is an adversary around your situation,GOD has already opened a effectual door."If you want to know where the door is(the miracle),look to where your problems occur and know that GOD is working it out.There is nothing else you can do but prolong the situation.The door is connected to GOD`S timing,and our seasons to a revelation,not to time! Likened to Summer and Winter,you feel a change in the weather, you know something is changing. It may appear that nothing is working in your favor,but let patients have her perfect work.If you were to bake a cake,you would add all the ingredients,flour,sugar,salt,etc....then you mix it all up and you get a good taste of all of the ingredients.None of them taste good alone except the sugar.Now, in order for the cake to take form,you have to put it in the oven(the fire!) and let it rise!Let GOD rise you above all situations and let people know all the glory is His.So think of it as if you are pregnant with a miracle(or triplets)and your water just broke,get ready!

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